I am different

I care about you. I want what’s best for you. Not just your money.


I'll be your travel companion.


Truths always even if they hurt.

I see things from another point of view.


2014 - Present

Freelance Project Manager

Assembling, coordinating and managing multidisciplinary work teams; assisting in planning and work programming; providing skilled technical and management advice and assistance to project team members.

Developing and Maintaining Client Relationships – Proactive client liaison face-to-face, and/or via phone, fax & email; working with clients to develop revised and superior project requirements.

Training – Actively participating in the development and mentoring of site staff and junior technical staff.

2012 - Present

Freelance Consultant

SEO Audits, Ecommerce SEO, Enterprise SEO, Local SEO, Content Marketing Strategy, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, CPA Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Lead nurturing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Web Call Tracking, Conversion Optimization, Copywriting and Website Optimization. 

Content Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Science, Data Visualization and Consumer Behaviour Insights. 

2005 - 2012

Freelance Developer

GUI for graphical user interface using tkinter, website and fully functioning e-commerce applications using the Django framework. PHP, CSS , HTML , PHYTOON, C++ programming. 

Managing SQL Server permissions; responsibility of the SQL Server database; monitoring performance of SQL Server and database infrastructure (including storage) using various performance tools; researching and resolving SQL Server issues as required.

Solving complex technical problems; understanding complex written information, ideas and instructions. 



Electronic Engineer (A+)

Physics; Informatics; Mathematics; Chemistry; Digital Systems; Computer Aided Engineering; Robotics; Microcontrollers; Machine Vision; Industrial Automation; Renewable energies; Materials science; Fluid Mechanics; Environment and sustainability; Electrotechnics; Electronic technology; Design of machines and process equipment; Development of Electronic Systems; Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer; Digital Control; Dynamics and Control; Engineering Power Electronics; Electric Machines; Project management; Analogue Electronics Systems; Instrumentation and Electronic Equipment. 



Statistics; Financial accounting; Business management; Law; Macroeconomics; Information analysis; Strategic management; Econometrics; Public sector economics; International economics; Instrumental policies; Data analysis; International trade; Competitiveness; Monetary and banking economics; Mathematics for dynamic models; Real and financial economic integration; Labour economics.


A meticulous Engineer able to solve complicated tasks in tight deadlines. Problem solving with initiative. Decision making. Creativity and Critical thinking. Strategist and Optimist to find a solution. No fears or complex. Great ideas and attempt to carry them out, execution is what matters. Strong capacity to manage multiple projects. Team-building and collaboration. High-level relationships. Flexibility.

Good common sense. Creative problem solving. Technical competency. Continuous drive for improvement. Resourcefulness. Listening skills. Negotiation skills. Diplomacy. Patience. Inquisitive mind. Continuous desire to learn. Leadership skills.


English Advanced, Catalan Native, Spanish Native, Portuguese Intermediate.

Budget friendly

I'll adjust to your budget. Money is not me priority.


If you're not happy with the results, I'll give refund your money.

long term

I'd like to help you continually, I like to build relationships.


I'm sure I can help you one way or another.


Increasing your return to investment is mainly what I do.

You tell me what you need and I do miracles to offer you the best quality at the price you want.


I'll subcontract people to meet your needs.


I'll organize and manage a team of people to achieve your goals.


I'll help you and guide you through all your projects.


I'll detect all the possible improvements you can make.


I'll tell you the steps you have to take to move forward.


I'll make your project reach a wider audience.

Believe in yourself

It is very important to believe in yourself and feel that you can with everything. Believe in yourself so that others believe in you.


Leave a print on everything you do. Let people remember you.


The important thing is that you get what you're up to.


Be different from the rest. Don't be like the others.


I will be your unconditional support, both good and bad.

Learn from the best

 I will show you all the tricks and techniques that I use to differentiate myself from others.

Feel the power

Try to achieve all the goals you propose, it’s the most comforting thing that can happen to you.


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